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Using utility as a library

This utility is also published as a maven artifact on Maven Central so that you can make use of it as you want to use it (For example: automation in CI).

Add dependency

Declare the following dependencies in the project:

repositories {

dependencies {

Refer to the latest release on GitHub Releases or maven central: Install


// Create a report specification with application name
val reportSpec = ReportSpec(
    name = "Your Application Name",
    options = ReportOptions() // Customize it as per need

// Get provider for raw reports (generated by compose compiler)
val rawReportProvider = ComposeCompilerRawReportProvider.FromDirectory("path/to/raw-reports")

// Provide metric files to generator
val htmlGenerator = HtmlReportGenerator(
    reportSpec = reportSpec,
    metricsProvider = ComposeCompilerMetricsProvider(rawReportProvider)

// Generate HTML (String) 
val html = htmlGenerator.generateHtml()